The ability to enable a Mobile Hotspot is present in Windows for a long time. The first version of Windows which had such capabilities was Windows 7. Earlier, you had to run some console commands to start a wireless hosted network. Now, with Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the only thing you need is the Settings app.

How to Setup Mobile HotSpot in Android: • First Go to Settings. • Tap on Connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Data Usage) • Select “Mobile HotSpot and Tethering”. • There will be two option – Mobile HotSpot & USB tethering. • Here tap mobile hotspot. • Toggle the switch to turn on your hotspot. Track and control hotspot usage. On your Android phone, open the Datally app. Tap Track hotspot on the home screen. Enter your data limit. Tap Go to Settings. Tap Hotspot & tethering. Enable the Wi-Fi hotspot. Navigate back to the “Track hotspot” screen in the Datally app. Tap Track hotspot to begin monitoring your data. Apr 29, 2017 · How to Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot on Verizon Galaxy S8/S8+ Install Net Share-no-root-tethering directly from Google Play Store for free. Then go to your app drawer and launch the app. Now check the Share Internet Connection at the top of the main screen. Once you check the option, the app will create a Wi-Fi hotspot with random name and password. Dec 13, 2012 · To enable the basic hotspot through your smartphone, do the following: • For Android: Open “Settings” > “Tethering & Portable Hotspot” > check the “Portable Hotspot” box • For iOS (4.3 and higher): Open “Settings” > select “General” > "Network” > “Personal Hotspot” option Jul 09, 2020 · To be able to enable mobile hotspot, you have to go into the Settings menu as Google buried it deep since many users have complained about having to accidentally enable it and charged for a fee. Jul 07, 2020 · Open your phone's settings and search for Tethering (on Android) or Personal Hotspot (on Mac). Tap the toggle switch beside USB tethering (on Android) or Personal Hotspot (on Mac) to enable it. Your laptop should now be able to access the internet through your phone's mobile plan.

Apr 01, 2020 · Case 2. If Your Android Phone/Tablet Won't Connect Hotspot; The Final Resort: Repair Your Android Device with an Android System Repair Tool; Case 1. If Other Devices Won't Connect or See Your Android Hotspot. If you have turned on your hotspot connection but other Android devices aren't able to detect or connect to it, then you can use the

May 03, 2017 · And you can also enable Wi-Fi hotspot on the Galaxy S8 with the help of an app called Net Share-no-root-tethering. The app uses Wi-Fi direct to share your phone’s mobile data. And it works flawless, therefore it is up to you to choose the most convenient method: How to Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S8 (method 1): Go to the Start screen;

I have seen quite a few questions on how to enable the WiFi hotspot from Tasker without root. Since Google took away the hotspot api since android 9, without root this hasn't been possible without the phone being on and mimicking taps on the screen to enable this. This lead to misses for the task to work properly.

Hotspot For Android Device. Open Settings and navigate to More – Tethering and Portable. This feature is available on all Android devices, however, it may be spelled differently depending on the type of your device. In several devices, you can access this feature from Settings – Networks So remember that if it does not show as usual to May 09, 2012 · In this video, I show you how to enable and use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature on Android which allows you to connect other Wi-Fi devices to your phone to share an internet connection. There are still many folks who don't know how to enable Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot on their android smartphone or tablet devices. There is no doubt that it's really an important and useful feature especially for those who have gotten multiple Android Devices. Jul 09, 2020 · If mobile hotspot is greyed out on windows 10, iPhone or Android it is likely that you do not have an internet connection. Enabling hotspot on your device allows your device to operate like a normal Wifi. But if the feature is grayed out you cannot enable it. I am trying to turn on the portable Wifi hotspot ON, by referring this link: how to set advanced settings of android wifihotspot This is working well on Samsung Galaxy S3 Android v4.4.2.(no issues