May 06, 2020 · Enter “VPN” into the search box, then click Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Enter the IP address or web address of your VPN server, then click Next. In the next screen, enter your username and password, then click Connect to activate your new VPN. You can use the instructions above as a guide to set up a VPN in Windows 8

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Why to Setup VPN Server in Windows 10. You can make your Windows 10 PC into a VPN server for several reasons. These include playing LAN games, privately browsing the net using public Wi-Fi, connecting to home network while driving, hide your ip etc. Though it is very much easy to set up VPN in Windows 10, you have to do certain things.

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How to Set up a VPN connection in Windows 8. As we have discussed earlier how to set up a VPN in Windows 10. VPN connection also available in Windows 8. But the procedure is different. Now we will set up VPN connection in Windows 8. Follow these steps: – Go to the Taskbar. Navigate the Network icon. Make a Right-click on the network icon.

Jan 31, 2020