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Solved: facebook blocked the link to my store - Shopify Hey all, facebook blocked the link to my store, which also disabled my whole facebook shop and product feeds. I currently can't advertise on facebook anymore. I get two infos, when I try to post the link: the link is flagged as spam and, if I try to link the store url: https://wayne-whale.myshopif What Happens When You Block Someone on Facebook Mar 26, 2019 How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook Messenger Apr 07, 2020

Why Am I Blocked from Doing Facebook Lives? - Socialdraft You’ve been doing Facebook lives on a daily basis. You’re getting tons of engagement and brands are reaching out to you with tons of business opportunities because of your success. Then, all of the sudden you get a notification from Facebook that you’re blocked from doing Facebook lives. How to unblock Someone on Facebook that has blocked you Apr 17, 2018

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Available options if anybody’s is blocked on Facebook. If anybody’s experiencing Permanent Facebook Jail – blocked permanently. Most of the times, if you are unable to access the Facebook account, we are very sorry to inform that you are experiencing the permanent Facebook Jail.